How to close all tabs on iphone

How to close all Safari browser tabs

In this blog you will learn how to close all tabs on iphone. Most of the people using IOS devices but many of them they don’t know how to close all tabs on iphone in a single click they are using their iPhone to look up a recipe or watch funny cat videos when all of a sudden, there are so many tabs open on their browser that there is chaos on the internet. In this blog you will get some tips&tricks and you will easily learn how to close all tabs. However, hold on! Learn this useful little iPhone trick to close all tabs on an iPhone at once before you begin the laborious process of dismissing each tab one by one. Your iPhone may become noticeably slower if it has too many tabs open in Safari. Additionally, if you are worry and you don’t know how to close all tabs on iphone and if you are closing each tab individually might be time-consuming. Here’s how to swiftly close every open Safari tab on your iPhone—even without using the Safari app—all at once.

close all tabs on iphone

How to Close All iphone Tabs By using the Settings App

  1. Open the settings on your iphone.
  2.  Next, press Safari. To locate this option, you will need to scroll down a little.
  3.  Choose Clear History and Website Data after that. This is located close to the bottom of the Safari settings page.


How to Close All Tabs With the Settings App

A Quick Guide on How to Close All Tabs: Streamlining Your iPhone Experience

Managing open tabs on your iPhone is crucial for a smooth browsing experience. If you find yourself overwhelmed with multiple tabs, fear not! This guide will walk you through the steps on how to close all tabs on your iPhone efficiently.

Step 1: Locate the Safari Icon to close all tabs on iphone

To begin and to solve the problem of closing all tabs on phone please find the Safari icon on your iPhone’s home screen. This recognizable blue compass icon serves as your portal to the online world.

Step 2: Access Safari and Navigate to Tabs

Tap the Safari icon to open the browser. Once inside, locate the square icon in the bottom right corner, representing the number of active tabs.

How to close all tabs on iphone

Step 3: Discover the "Tabs" Button

Within the tab overview, you’ll notice a pivotal feature – the “Tabs” button. Give it a tap and hold to unveil a menu with various options.

Step 4: Unleash the Power of "Close All Tabs"

In the menu, find the option labeled “Close All Tabs.” This is the magic button that will swiftly declutter your browsing history.

Step 5: Confirm Your Decision

In the pop-up menu, tap “Close All Tabs.” Confirm that you want to close all the open tabs in the browser by tapping “Close All Tabs.” Upon selecting “Close All Tabs,” your iPhone will prompt you to confirm. A pop-up will appear, asking if you’re sure. Confirm your choice with a tap on “Close All Tabs.”

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